Other Investments


DACA-Castaic, LLC is the land owner of  the 1,167 acres of Tapia Ranch which is located in the mountainous  "hidden valley" virtually unseen from the outside world.  Its enclave  cluster design minimizes the development "footprint" to 157 acres,  leaving 1,010 acres as permanent open space.  The Hidden Valley of Tapia  Ranch provides a number of major elements to the greater Santa  Clarita/Castaic community.

A handful of the major elements  include a new community park, a network of multi-use trails, a new  collector road, new soccer fields, a new regional trail connection to  the Castaic Sports Complex, a new all weather bridge crossing and much  more. 


DACA 2010L L.P. is the majority owner  of the pristine Sargent Ranch located just south of Gilroy California on  Highway 101.  The Ranch is a total of approximately 6,300 acres in the  southernmost corner of Santa Clara County with portions in Santa Cruz  County.  The property is currently being developed by DACA GP, LLC into a  292-acre sand and gravel quarry and a conservation/mitigation land  bank.  The property contains 14 working oil wells and is a working  cattle ranch.