• Question:  Is DACA affiliated with or hired by the company in bankruptcy?
    Answer:  No. DACA is an independent company.
  • Question: Why should we sell our claim?
    Answer:  DACA provides an immediate way to liquidate your claim for cash which may eliminate the uncertainty of the bankruptcy.
  • Question:  Why should we sell to DACA?
    Answer: DACA provides a clear agreement and prompt payment for claims, some of our competitors do not pay in a timely manner.
  • Question:  When will we get paid?
    Answer:   DACA will mail your check pursuant to the terms of the offer letter you  received, generally within 5 business days.  DACA can send your payment  by wire transfer or overnight mail for a nominal fee.
  • Question:  How does DACA determine the offer price for our claim?
    Answer:   Our offer price is based on several factors including the amount of  your claim, the Debtor's financial condition, and our estimated term of  the bankruptcy.
  • Question: What if we disagree with the amount DACA lists as our claim?
    Answer:  DACA will review any documents you have and if approved will forward you a revised offer.
  • Question:  DACA's offer has expired.  Will DACA still purchase our claim?
    Answer:  DACA may agree to still accept your transfer, please contact our office.
  • Question:  What else will we have to do to transfer our claim to DACA?
    Answer:  Once DACA receives the signed Notice of Transfer, no further action will be required.
  • Question: How can we be assured that DACA will pay us?
    Answer: DACA  has been in business since 1993, and has acquired thousands of claims.   Please contact us if you have any specific concerns.
  • Question:  We have other claims against companies in bankruptcy.  Is DACA interested in purchasing those claims?
    Answer:  Please email us a list of such claims.  We will review and contact you.
  • Question:  Does DACA have account or invoice numbers to help me reconcile the claim to my books and records?
    Answer:   Sorry we do not.  DACA is an independent company not affiliated with  the company in bankruptcy; we do not have full access to the Debtor's  books or records.